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Our production plant of M-3 industrial city (FIEDMC) Faisalabad is going to start its operations by July 2022. M/s. Anhui Deli Daily Co. Ltd. provides all the technical support regarding products design, developments, specifications, and standards to produce world class quality Tableware. Deli JW Glassware Co. Ltd. is equipped with complete in-house manufacturing facility supported by state of the art inspection and testing equipment to assure quality as per standards. Company have trained a lot of skilled labor and helped then developing managerial skill.

Our plant is one of the largest plants in Pakistan, over an area of 36 acres of land in FIEDMC Faisalabad. Almost team of 300 employees engaged with company operations, assuring production of quality product and then its delivery to customer successfully and without any hassle.


E-Commerce: We deliver fully integrated e-Commerce solutions by providing organizations with the technology and capability B2C, B2B, B2G and G2C transactions. Our innovative e-commerce solutions enable businesses of all sizes to realize the full potential of enhancing their corporate strategy with an e-commerce strategy. Our e-commerce solutions have open, scalable architectures, which allow enterprises the maximum flexibility to evolve their e-commerce systems with minimal technology constraints.

E-Government: We deliver fully integrated e-Government solutions that transform the way government does business by providing tools for improved information and service delivery. Our consultants helps increase government efficiency, improve citizen satisfaction and improve public sector employees’ job satisfaction. We also focus on providing the business and citizens with easy access to government information that allows them to participate in the decision making process and conveniently conduct transactions with government.


Portal Frameworks: Our Portal Frameworks helps organizations centrally access information within disparate systems and data sources. We provide guidance and best practices and offer a comprehensive range of portal solutions including both Microsoft SharePoint and Open Source solutions that will enables you to bring together people, processes and systems into composite applications, indexes and content that enables you to manage corporate knowledge to help you meet your business objectives.

Information Lifecycle Management: Our approach to Information Lifecycle Management is based on the idea that information changes value through an organization. The lifecycle of information is transformed through five phases; Create/Modify, Replication/Migration, Backup/Restore, Archive/Recall and Removal. Our consultants assist organizations to gain the benefits of this information lifecycle management approach by accessing the most value from information, at the lowest total cost of ownership, at every point in its lifecycle.


Research & Data Analysis: We provide a full range of quantitative and qualitative research services, working with clients in both the private and public sectors. We embrace both traditional and technologically advanced research methods and provide reliable statistical data and indicators regarding ICT readiness, use and impact. Our ICT statistical data and indicators are developed to be comparable at the international level, in order to allow developing countries to benchmark their information economies with those of developed countries and to take policy decisions to narrow the digital divide.

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