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Every day, in all the spaces around us, including our living quarters and places of employment, we require materials that look out for our health, comfort, and safety. When it comes to glass, there is more going on than first appears.
In addition to the refined aesthetics it possesses, this material is also practical, eco-friendly, and adaptable. You may find all of these things and a great deal more when you work with Deli-JW Glassware Company Limited.

Who exactly are we?

Anhui Deli Household Glass Co Ltd. of China and JW SEZ Group of Pakistan have come together to form the internationally acclaimed glassware manufacturing firm. This firm is the Deli-JW Glassware Company Limited as a joint venture.
The headquarters of the DELI-JW Glassware Company Limited may be found in the M3 industrial city of Faisalabad. It’s in the province of Punjab in Pakistan. It was established in October 2018, with an initial investment of fifty million dollars in US currency. Thus, the company was founded by directors who had previous experience working in the glass business.

Projects and Developments Still to Come

Our manufacturing facility at M-3 industrial city (FIEDMC) in Faisalabad would begin operations in the month of July 2022. In order to manufacture tableware of world-class quality, M/s. Anhui Deli Daily Co. Ltd. is responsible for providing all of the necessary technical support in terms of product design, developments, specifications, and standards. Well out products are of the highest possible quality and conform to industry requirements, Deli JW Glassware Co. Ltd. We have a fully functional manufacturing facility that is located within the company itself.

The company has trained a significant number of qualified workers and assisted those workers in strengthening their managerial abilities.

Our factory is one of the largest plants in Pakistan, and it is located in FIEDMC Faisalabad, covering a total area of 36 acres of land. A team of around three hundred personnel was active in the operations of the company, ensuring the manufacturing of a quality product and then its delivery to the customer in a smooth and trouble-free manner.

Talk to One of Our Product Specialists Today!

There is a good reason why we have such a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service. When it comes to locating the item that best suits your needs, our knowledgeable staff takes a hands-on, personalized approach. We search the world over for products of the best quality in order to supply them locally. But w

ith the help of our skilled staff, we are able to customize these components into stunning final products. We often are using our value-added customization services. You may learn more about the available customization possibilities on the individual product pages. Or you can get in touch with our staff for additional information.

What sets us apart from others in this industry?

In each and every moment, we bring forth the pleasure and excitement that comes from drinking and dining. We are passionately committed to producing cutting-edge glassware. Our products are both trendy and aesthetically pleasing. We produce it with the goal of enhancing the drinking and dining experiences for our customers.Your initial decision should be Deli-JW Glassware Company Limited right now! Get ready to enhance the joy you get from sharing moments of the day with your loved ones.We consistently supply our consumers with the high satisfaction of quality products and services. We are completely relying on the trustworthiness of our commitment and the operational excellence of our business. We assure the success of our customers’ enterprises by sharing our expertise and previous experiences with them. Because of this, consumers all over the world consider Deli-JW Glassware Company Limited to be their ideal business partner.

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